2017 AGM AGENDA - Island Artisans Association


We strongly encourage all members to attend the upcoming AGM and Social Event. It will be half and half of business and fun. The AGM is the most important meeting of the year. At this meeting, the present membership will vote in the new Board of Directors for the upcoming year. In order to vote at the meeting, you must have your membership in good standing. As our year ends now, please make your payments for 2017 and come out to the meeting.

At the AGM, we will report on our major event, Gifts For Myself and Others. The show has been declining over the years and Victoria now has a multitude of Christmas shows. Most shows in Victoria seem to be seeing declines in traffic and sales. Additionally our show coordinator, Jantina, has let us know she doesn’t have the time to continue in this role for the coming year. The sustainability and viability of the show is in question. The board feels the show has run it’s course and it is time to shelve it for now until such time we can create a new and relevant event. We will be discussing the future of this event at the AGM and encourage all members to attend so your thoughts are heard. Additionally, you can email me if you’d like to voice your thoughts in advance or if you can’t attend the AGM.

We really need new members to take up positions on the board. While these positions are serious and take some time, we do our best to make them fun and enjoyable. We need a minimum of 5 Directors to meet the requirements of the Society Act of British Columbia.
Please consider volunteering for a position or nominating someone that may be interested.
The Board meets monthly in the days following the regular meetings and sometimes additional meetings are held if needed. We will definitely need a person to take on the Secretary position.

Additionally, we will be asking for members to help with chairmanships and special projects to keep the workload limited so no one gets burnt out. Give some consideration to the time and effort for monthly meetings, chairmanships, financial decisions and accountability.

The outgoing 2016 Board of Directors:

Neil Bosdet Barb Alexander Susan Whyte Irene Corman Flo-Elle Watson Tracy Yerrell

VP Membership & Secretary Treasurer
Member At Large Correspondence
Member At Large