We strongly encourage all members to attend the upcoming AGM and Social Event. It will be half and half of business and fun. The AGM is the most important meeting of the year. At this meeting, the present membership will vote in the new Board of Directors for the upcoming year. In order to vote at the meeting, you must have your membership in good standing. As our year ends now, please make your payments for 2017 and come out to the meeting.

At the AGM, we will report on our major event, Gifts For Myself and Others. The show has been declining over the years and Victoria now has a multitude of Christmas shows. Most shows in Victoria seem to be seeing declines in traffic and sales. Additionally our show coordinator, Jantina, has let us know she doesn’t have the time to continue in this role for the coming year. The sustainability and viability of the show is in question. The board feels the show has run it’s course and it is time to shelve it for now until such time we can create a new and relevant event. We will be discussing the future of this event at the AGM and encourage all members to attend so your thoughts are heard. Additionally, you can email me if you’d like to voice your thoughts in advance or if you can’t attend the AGM.

We really need new members to take up positions on the board. While these positions are serious and take some time, we do our best to make them fun and enjoyable. We need a minimum of 5 Directors to meet the requirements of the Society Act of British Columbia.
Please consider volunteering for a position or nominating someone that may be interested.
The Board meets monthly in the days following the regular meetings and sometimes additional meetings are held if needed. We will definitely need a person to take on the Secretary position.

Additionally, we will be asking for members to help with chairmanships and special projects to keep the workload limited so no one gets burnt out. Give some consideration to the time and effort for monthly meetings, chairmanships, financial decisions and accountability.

The outgoing 2016 Board of Directors:

Neil Bosdet Barb Alexander Susan Whyte Irene Corman Flo-Elle Watson Tracy Yerrell

VP Membership & Secretary Treasurer
Member At Large Correspondence
Member At Large

Voices of Women – CALL FOR ENTRY

Voices of Women – CALL FOR ENTRY

Voices of Women through Canadian History:

An Exhibition Celebrating International
Women’s Day

March 2nd – March 12th, 2017
The Bay Centre

The Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria is pleased to host Voices of Women through Canadian History, an exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day and local women artists. This is a lightly juried show featuring female artists of all levels and disciplines.

More than just an exhibition, this event is a celebration of the diversity of female artists that call the British Columbian West Coast home. The works exhibited will aim to exemplify the Canadian female experience, both personal and societal. The exhibition is all inclusive and is open to a variety of mediums (print, painting, sculpture, installation – to name a few). This exhibition will also feature a series of speakers and performances (TBD).

Open to female-identifying artists who call Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands home, this exhibition promises to be an exciting event imbued with cultural significance. The show runs from March 2nd until March 12th 2017 at The Bay Centre.

Now accepting submissions. Detailed exhibition information and submission guidelines found here. Deadline: Feb 8, 2017 at 4:30pm.

***We invite suggestions for guest speakers, performers and workshops. Honoraria available. Please send suggestions to cacgvstaff@gmail.com.***


The Gallery Shoppe at Gifts for Myself and Others Hello everyone! If you are interested in the opportunity to be a part of the Gallery Shoppe or know of someone who may be interested in participating, please confirm with Jantina, our coordinator at 250-743-1213 or email read more


Wednesday, Oct. 19th – 7:00 pm at the Cedar Hill Rec Centre “Dynamic Booth Displays” – presented by Tracy Yerrell An artistic design and sales discussion to maximize your booth & displays at markets and shows. A great evening to attend to make the most of read more

Keep It Fresh

Art Business, in this age making it in the fine craft and art world has become big business. How can we as artisans capture our share of the market and enable ourselves to enjoy the success of operating full-time as a fine craft artist. Well, first it doesn’t just happen once a year, it takes due diligence all year long. As I have been attempting to stay afloat as a potter I have found myself seeking advice far and wide, and considering ideas I once might not have. Short story, Christmas 2014 was a bad year….

Selling out! oh no! am i selling out or am I buying into securing a way for my chosen occupation to be able to support me. It was high time I got out of my own way. Yes those of of you who know me, know i make politically motivated work that can make people cry, no one is going to buy that. It serves its purpose but I needed to rethink my processes and what I find joy in making so I can support myself. If any of the rest of you are finding yourself in this growth opportunity situation

Keep it fresh, is the post for today, and i have some ideas for how we can make this site more interesting for the viewer and possibly drive some sales your way. before i go further, you still need face to face time with the public. I am finding my best places are local “cheep” small markets. ( Maybe i am less stressed about not having put out thousands of dollars…) My local clientele is building, classes are filling up, and the local shops that carry my work are having increased sales.

Unfortunately Social media is here to stay,

how many of you have pinterest, Facebook, instagram, twitter or ETSY or some form of online way of selling/promoting your work?

Link it all together, your web site should be able to post directly to your fb business page, to twitter with hashtags, and instagram should post to those as well.

for those of you who would like i will be getting this site humming with links to your websites, pinterest pages, eTSY STORE, and fb page. obviously you will need to send me the information. I have included spots on the renewal form and the same requests will be going on the application form. I have the site set up now so i can easily post to fb from all pages. So! keep it fresh, take a look at your images and see what you really think of them.

Quality over Quantity, select images that you find super appealing, and that capture your attention. Phones take great images!

Anyone with something they would like to write about that is something they do or use to help out with exhibitions, photography etc, you are all welcome to share it with me in the form of an email, in the body, and pictures are welcome. I will take it and post it to the web site under posts and this type of information will be accumulated in the membership area.

So take a look at your little page on the site, get it freshened up, and oh, i will also be randomly selecting artists to feature spotlight, so get your information on there! long description, also list your galleries, markets etc. let the people know where you are.

hopefully this goes to everyone the way i set it up to, i put a subscribe on the site, and if you are a member and already in the data base you should get this. It will also show up on the site as a blog post. and i will share it to the fb page
your web person
sharon bussard grove