Acres Away Woodworks
"Funktional" Art for the Kitchen. Heirloom Gifts & Kitchen Treasures.

My “Funktional” Art was born from the desire to build a better Pizza Peel. My wife and I are self proclaimed gourmet cooks and love Italy. We have a fondness for, among many other things, really good thin crust pizza. We love making it from scratch and having pizza parties. Many years ago when I shopped for a decent pizza paddle I was stumped. Nothing of interest on the market. So I made my own. Then friends and famliy wanted them. Then, try and find a high quality, End Grain Cutting Board. Tough to do.

I make a variety of End Grain & Edge Grain Cutting Boards, Pizza Paddles or Baking Peels, Serving Boards, French, Italian & American Rolling Pins, Knife Blocks and more. My gallery is open for tours and by appointment.
6583 Wallace Dr.
Brentwood Bay, BC
V8M 1J8
Aleita Laird
aMused Studio- Gera Scott Chandler
Scott Chandler
3D canvases and panels, Figurative sculpture, baskets, wall hangings and vessels created with polymer clay and organic materials.

When I was a child I used to run down to the beach, gather cedar bark and kelp, tease the materials into long strips and spend happy hours weaving the cords into wall hangings and baskets. Later I'd follow trails through the cool forest and cut panels of alder bark to make tiny canoes for floating down the creek. My imagination was alive with stories and my first works of craft were props for playmaking. My childhood freedom gave me early training for my current work.
My muse awakens again whenever I walk on the seashore or in a rainforest. The west coast environment envelops me in a creative cloak tinted with muted, misty colours and undulating textures. The sound of the waves and wind in the trees inspire mood and rhythm as I sketch my ideas. I capture colour combinations with my camera and fill my pockets with glorious collections of stones and inspirational tangles of organic materials that I use to stamp or weave into my work. I use inked polymer clay as my primary material for three dimensional expression and I include pieces from my collections for connections and texture. My objective is to incorporate influences from my landscape to create pieces that inspire the viewer to celebrate their own sense of play and in turn find joy in creating their own stories.
Victoria, BC
Avadon Studio
Tobias Tomlinson is an artisan who works in a variety of media; fused glass, torch work beads, porcelain, woven textiles, sterling silver, copper forms, and printmaking.

Tobias has been a working artisan for over 40 years. Some of his ceramics instructors include Harlen House, Hal Regar, Jack Surs, Marylin Levine, Roy Kiyooka, Santo Mignosa and Léopold Foulem.

Tobias also weaves, fuses dichroic glass, produces torch-work beads, and creates sterling jewelry. He has taken courses in “Hollowware” in London, UK, and Canadian metalsmith Crys Harse. Tobias has taken repoussé classes with Valentine Yotkov of New York, and Nancy Corwin of Calgary, as well as several local instructors in silver jewelry. His degree in Fine Arts was a major in Printmaking, and a minor in Ceramics.

Several years ago, Tobias discovered that his great-grandmother had Chickasaw Cherokee roots, and he has been exploring his First Nations heritage through his art. Much of his work reflects; ceremonial, medicinal, herbal, and food plants Chickasaw Nation, including traditional and historic depictions from the medicine wheel to sacred motifs symbols like the World Weaver Spider, Weeping Man.

Tobias has always been interested in textiles, the use of natural fibres and plants used for dyes. He has raised sheep, sheared wool, spun, and created woven material from “scratch to finish”. Today, the main fibres used are rayon, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, and rayon chenille. With these, rugs, shawls, and scarves are lovingly made. Colour and texture, forms and function, this is the historical essence of humanity and craft history, as well as ingenuity combined with practicality. Like the myth of the girl, the womyn, and the crone, weaving the threads of Life.

3172 Balfour Ave
Victoria BC V9A 1S1
Bags and Boxes
Krys and Dean
Kinowski and Mills
We each make our own line of artisan products. Krys designs and sews many different kinds of ladies’ bags and purses. Dean creates hardwood boxes using local and subtropical species of wood. Our creations are both functional and aesthetic. Krys makes bags for travelling, knitting, evening wear, and everyday use. Dean makes boxes to store jewellery, watches, and personal treasures.

Hardwoods include walnut, cherry, western and fiddleback maple, Garry oak, arbutus, sapele, and purple heart. Several species are often integrated into a herringbone pattern on the lid. Many of Dean’s boxes have adjustable or lift-out trays. They are lined with felt, signed on the base, and come with their own padded, protective bag.
Krys incorporates leather into many of her bags. Adjustable straps and well-designed pockets are important. The travel bag, for instance, has 12 pockets including one designed for a water bottle. This bag is made from water repellant microfiber which is also machine washable.

Krys and Dean both do custom work. Dean, for example, had made a box featuring a bagpiper inlay on the lid. Krys has often sewn a bag in the customer’s own family tartan. A selection of her tartan bags is on display at Freedom Kilts in Fernwood, Victoria, and also at the Caledonian distillery. These bags feature registered tartans and the design elements come from kilts and sporrans.

In 2017, you can find us at the following venues;
May 20-22: Victoria Highland Games, Topaz Park
June thru Sept: Occasional Saturday markets on Pender Island; Sunday market at Bastion Square, Victoria
July 1: Gorge on Art
Nov 24-26: Out of Hand, Victoria Conference Centre
Dec 1-3: Touch of Saltspring, Panorama Centre, Sidney.
We also sell our products from our two locations on Pender Island and in Victoria. We’re open to our customer’s wishes, whether wholesale orders or custom work. For boxes, contact Dean at For bags, contact Krys at

not yet
250 629-6290 (landline) 250 537-3008 (cell)
37187 Schooner Way
Pender Island BC V0N 2M2
Beggar’s Bowl Studio
WWW.BeggarsBowl Studio.Com
250 652 6359
Bussard Grove Pottery

“A four year olds perspective: the best thing about going on a clay dig is sliding down the slippery bank into the river.” My memories of perfect southern Alberta summers spent playing with clay in my Grandma’s studio.
“When a skill is something we learn through play as a child we are not aware it’s a skill, it’s just an intuitive part of us.”
My current work is organic, and spontaneous sometimes with a metaphorical intent and sometimes it has a hey wake up message. The world we live in has become one of bombarding messages as we all try to make sense of it and find our peace. Where is the truth and where is the fiction in the messages we receive, its a documentation of my sorting through it all in my own way. It’s about life, memories, re-birth, letting go, relationships, balance, and contrasts. 

These pieces are just a sampling of my extended body of work.

I do functional pottery, it is like meditation with a bit of an uneasiness wrestling below the surface. It's the place where i can process and think about a lot of "stuff". We all have a lot of "stuff" we are trying to sort through these days.

I have been commissioned to make dinnerware, and my dinnerware has been in shows by invitation as far away as Louisville Kentucky. I enjoy the peaceful feeling of making bowls, mugs and plates.... for a little bit. Then I dive back into the deep, and who knows whats going to happen next time.

Clay Works
Dianne produces stoneware pottery with carved glaze patterns from her studio in Victoria

Dianne began her clay studies at Elmwood Studios in London, England. It was here that she developed her love of clay and a desire to learn as much as she could about its possibilities. In Canada, further studies at the University of Regina and Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver led naturally into teaching, a most wonderful way to learn.

Dianne produces stoneware pottery with carved glaze patterns from her studio in Victoria. There is a wide range in her repertoire, from oven dishes to sculptural urns. Bowls are the mainstay of her work and she finds them a joy to make from the teeniest to more than two feet across. The forms are strong; the glazes are satiny and made for handling. The pots are intended for daily enjoyment in the home.

Studio Visits By Appointment

Victoria stores that carry her work - Gallery of Artisans

Vancouver stores that carry her work - Gallery of B.C. Ceramics
Creative Spirit Glass Bead Studio

No info provided.

Daniel Casey Pottery
Functional and Art Pottery

Wheel thrown and hand built ceramics. The majority of work is functional with some whimsical
5 Governor'sPoint Rd
Victoria, BC V9B 5L8
Deb’s Design Studio
Deb Thurlbeck specializes in the artistic creation of hardened fabric sculptures which add a touch of elegance and charm to interior decor as well as gardens and landscaping.

As a child growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Deb Thurlbeck was continuously surrounded by art and music. With creativity and inspiration drawn from her family and her big brother and mentor Ken, a successful and award winning New York photographer/commercial artist, there was no shortage of innovative vision in the Thurlbeck household.

As a young woman, Deb attended the Winnipeg School of Art and spent many hours drawing and painting in oils and acrylics. Drawn by the call of the West, she moved to the rugged interior of Northern British Columbia. Deb now calls beautiful Vancouver Island home.

Over the years, Deb has enjoyed travelling and sharing her artistic visions though painting, photography, cake decoration and costuming. The combination of her talents focused through the medium of hardened fabric has resulted in a variety of spectacular creations.

Her works, created with non-toxic fabric hardener and repurposed natural fibres, can be broadly classified as home and office décor with a number of pieces well suited to accent outdoor gardens and landscaping. From wine collars to figurines and statuettes, Deb's creations range from elegant to playful - each detailed and unique. Many pieces are inspired by beauty of the West Coast and often include natural items such as driftwood and sea glass.
Victoria, BC
Debra Slaco
EERZ Jewelry
Fun, colorful fashion jewelry and other mixed media items hand-made from polymer clay.

A love of color and a passion for working with polymer clay as an art medium resulted in designing a line of jewelry that appeals to fun-loving women of all ages. Colors are blended to reflect the tropics, the earth tones and classic neutrals. The lightweight jewelry is often tone-on-tone for added interest and depth. Black-and-white geometrics are sometimes added for spark. These eye-catching pieces are as much fun to wear as they were to make.

Also available are shawl pins, business card holders, pens, seam rippers and hair adornments decoratively covered in polymer clay.
953 Kentwood Terrace
Victoria, BC V8Y 1A5
Erwin Shulman Digital Creations

None provided

Fenton Design Jewelry
Handmade one-of-a-kind silver jewelry.

When Debbie first yielded her first torch over 10 years ago, a love for jewelry making was born. Taking workshops from Vancouver, Seattle, Berkeley, Los Angeles and San Miguel de Allende, Debbie is constantly striving to add more skills into her "toolbox". Working mostly in fine silver and sterling silver, Debbie has just started to add gold into this mix. Her pieces are made "one at a time" thereby making each piece unique. She has an affinity for beachstones. Recently she has been adding sapphires to this collection which makes for an interesting, unique and eclectic look.
254 Farmhouse Road
Galiano, B.C.
V0N 1P0
Flo-Elle Watson

Flo-Elle grew up with very artistic parents, Father who was a Printer, and Graphic Artist, Mother who was a seamstress and was a China Painted.

Flo-Elle attended the Kootenay School of Art, excelling in Life Drawing, Pottery, and Anatomy.  After working in and teaching Portrait Painting, Pottery, Oil Painting, and Water Colors, Flo-Elle took courses in China Painting from her Mother, and International China painters, in the US and Canada. This is the only medium that she paints in.

Using white porcelain as her canvas, Flo-Elle hand paints, with Underglaze Paint, an original, and functional piece. Sometimes done in the traditional China Painting style, more often in a modern and her individually creative style. Each piece is fired at 1400 degrees making the painting permanent and a collectively, unique piece of art.

Most of the white Porcelain Flo-Elle uses is collected from Thrift shops, and Consignment shops. Giving the plain white porcelain an new life. Gifts for you or another.

Harvey Fine Woodwork
Functional and custom-made furniture, with artistic designs

MICHAEL HARVEY is a consulting biologist and scuba diver. His interest in woodworking began in earnest in the late 1970's when he had contracts for school cabinetry and furniture. Since then he has focused on fine furniture for the home, mainly functional pieces but with embellishments such as hand-cut dovetails, carvings and inlays. He often uses motifs from nature such as kelp, flowers or sea animals. He makes use of local woods such as arbutus, holly, yellow cedar and Garry oak, as well as better known cabinet woods.

He is largely self-taught, with the help of Fine Woodworking magazine. He has attended two weekend workshops by Sam Maloof, one of the best known US craftsmen. He is a member of the Vancouver Island Woodworker’s Guild.

M. Harvey has a small but well equipped shop near Brentwood Bay, north of Victoria. Most work to date has been through private orders. His work includes chairs, tables, benches, fireplace mantles, a church alter and baptismal font, entertainment units, bookcases, jewelry and silverware chests, quilt racks, a four-poster bed and matching chest, and other items. He also produces turned items such as table and floor lamps, candlesticks, flower vases, salt and pepper shakers, and other items. And he still produces shelving and other furniture for a private school in Victoria.

His work can be seen at
6488 Old West Saanich Road,
Victoria, BC
V8M 1W8
Artful objects of natural beauty, made out of bark, seaweed, twigs, concrete, rocks, wood and marble flour and lime.

I call myself a natural fabricator - I fashions artful objects out of a variety of naturally beautiful mediums including wood, concrete, seaweed and words. For the past 15 years I have been creating 2-d plaster paintings, sculptures, furniture, texts and – most recently, set designs. My creations have been displayed in galleries across Vancouver Island and in Vancouver, and can be found in private collections throughout Canada. I live in Victoria BC.
1-1033 Queens Ave
Victoria BC V8T 1M7
Joan Kagan Pottery
Joan Kagan has been involved with pottery for over thirty years, continuing her fascination with the potter’s wheel.

Joan Kagan has been involved with pottery for over thirty years, continuing her fascination with the potter’s wheel. She believes that a person can’t have too many bowls, and that even the most basic every day pottery can be displayed as well as used. Her mission is to create pottery that is practical for daily use and pleasing to look at.

She has worked as a potter since retiring from high school teaching and counselling in Toronto. Over the years she has learned from many fine potters in Canada and the United States. She has recently made her home in Victoria British Columbia where she has established her new studio. She continues to teach and to make her lines of household wares, while experimenting with new shapes and colours, and continuing to learn. She is inspired by her new warmer city where she takes great pleasure in being able to see the ocean every day.
1009 Richmond Ave
Victoria BC V85 3Z6
Judy Seeley – Fabric Art
Textile artist, Judy Seeley, has worked with fabric most of her life.

Textile artist, Judy Seeley, has worked with fabric most of her life. Leaving behind a career as a professional corporate librarian in 1995, Judy realized her dream of creating fabric and designing clothing by attending Capilano College and completing a 2-year diploma in Textile Arts.

Since her move to Victoria in 1997 Judy has focussed on designing one-of-a-kind, "faux chenille" wearable art. She has found that using rayon creates sensually textured clothing that drapes beautifully. Her designs flatter all figures. After unveiling her creations at the "Out of Hand" craft show in Victoria in 1998, her Victoria clients have been able to purchase her wearable art by appointment or through the "Exclusively Yours" fashion shows.

Stores retailing the "Studio Jude" label are located in Napa Valley, Pacific Grove (by Carmel) California, and Tucson, Arizona.

Contact Judy if your store would like to represent "Studio Jude" and you would like her to send images of her work.

2701 Seaview Rd
Victoria BC V8N 1K7
Kathryn Harwood
"Seeker" done in coloured pencil. Driftwood with polymer clay figures

I live on Vancouver Island on traditional Coast Salish Territory beside the ocean where the air smells like air and the forest is outside my door. I have spent many years of trying to live the Way of the Tao and being aware of my own Chi or life force. I have also been on a path of Shamanic learning and advocating for First Nations. I am grateful to the Ancestors and Creator for showing me the way, sometimes gently and sometimes not so subtle.

My art is an expression of my spirituality and many years of different art courses. Seeker has no gender or skin colour but is hopefully wise, with the grey hair of acquired wisdom.

Driftwood and polymer clay are combined to be used as a spiritual piece for whatever reason comes to the new owner. These images come to me as I am working on it. The work is done in a peaceful place with prayer and love absorbed into the piece.
7166 Mark Lane, Victoria, BC
Kees Woodcraft
In his cedar sheltered workshop, he pursues his passion of making beautiful functional items from local and non-endangered exotic hardwoods

Kees lives on the edge of the Lantzville Foothills on Vancouver Island, overlooking Georgia Strait.

In his cedar sheltered workshop, he pursues his passion of making beautiful functional items from local and non-endangered exotic hardwoods.Each piece of hardwood is carefully selected for grain and colour configuration, so that no two items are ever the same. A European background and love for elegant simplicity is evident in the clean flowing, organic lines of his pieces.

His work has been sold in juried shows and galleries, finding homes on every continent but Antarctica.

Kees's creative handiworks may be viewed and purchased at the following locations:

Bellingham WA: Artwood Gallery

Chemainus BC: Chemainus Theatre Gallery

Comox BC: Comox Quay Gifts

Duncan BC: Imagine That Artisans Designs

Qualicum BC: The Old School House Arts Centre

Salt Spring Island BC: Salt Spring Wood Works

Seattle WA: Northwest Fine Woodworking

Sooke BC: Sooke Region Museum Giftshop

Tofino BC: The Lounge Collection Gallery

Victoria BC:

Crown Publications Bookstore & Gallery
Side Street Studio, Oak Bay

Vancouver, BC: The Wood Co-Op, Granville Island

or from his home by appointment.

8091 Southwind Dr

Lantzville BC V0R 2H0
KilnArt Glass Studio
Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery.

Born and raised in Golden BC, Peggy moved to Edmonton AB, in 1985 to attend the University of Alberta in the Honours Sociology/Philosophy program. After graduating and working in the academic environment for a few years, her husband, Jo Ludwig and Peggy moved to Victoria BC, where they opened KilnArt Glass Studio in 1997. In 2008, they moved the studio to Crofton, B.C.

At her studio, Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery. Peggy takes great pride in the highly-refined and exacting workmanship of her jewellery as well as in the fact that all her findings are fashioned from nickel-free sterling silver.

Apart from making jewellery, Peggy oversees the daily operations of KilnArt Glass Studio as well as keeping her husband's nose to the grindstone-no small feat, as all who know Jo can attest! Consequently, she has no time to offer workshops or classes.

Apart from her studio, her jewellery is available in:

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (250.384.4101)
Sidestreet Studio on Oak Bay Avenue (250.592.1262)
Whirled Arts in Fantan Alley (250.386.2787)
Chemainus: The Pottery Store
Courtenay: Comox Valley Art Gallery Shop
Qualicum Beach: The Old School House (250.752.6133)
Vancouver: New-Small and Sterling (604.681.6730)
KilnArt Glass Studio
Box 9
Crofton BC V0R 1R0
KilnArt Glass Studio
Kiln-formed art glass vessels, utilizing mostly dichroic glass.

Because I was raised in a big city far from nature, dichroic glass, with its punchy-rich
colour and ample glitter (due to a very thin metallic coating on the surface) is so attractive to me. So I use it to make vessels; small vessels that fit in the palm of the hand. They are like large, precious jewels. They are to cradle and gaze at and get lost in. Each is a Thing of Beauty indeed. Or as I say for short, a ToB (rhymes with 'Bob').
'Getting lost' brought wonder and mystery, which lead me to make dichroic glass and metal UFOs, a subject the artificiality of dichroic glass lends itself well to.
More recently I have gotten lost in depths of simple, clear glass, and I am presently working on very thick walled ToBs.
Box 9
Crofton, B.C.
V0R 1R0
Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs
Linda creates unique silver and copper wearable art pieces with distinct designs influenced by her mathematical background. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers inspire her. Circles and spirals are a constant theme in her work.

Linda was born in Vancouver and has always lived in BC, usually close to the ocean from which she draws inspiration. She studied Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia while completing her degree in honours Mathematics, which she then taught for over thirty years. Linda has always created art through drawing, painting, fabrics, writing, theatre and dance. Since 2004, Linda has concentrated on making wearable art invariably influenced by the symmetry of nature and life on the West Coast. Her background in mathematics has influenced her designs and creations. Logarithmic spirals found in nature, such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers, inspire her and are a constant theme in her work. She creates all of her pieces by hand so they are individual and unique.

Linda uses “fine silver” (99.9% silver kiln-dried) to create her sculptural pieces and fuses fine silver wire for necklaces and earrings. She anneals, forges and textures sterling silver and copper to create different pieces. Linda also weaves sterling silver by hand using either the ancient art of “Viking knit” or chain maille designs such as Parallel Weave, Byzantine or Round maille, sometimes combining copper, gemstones, or unique silver beads within her work. Linda’s hand drawn etched copper plates are used in a variety of ways to make impressions in the silver “clay” (which is actually microscopic particles of fine silver in an organic binding) or to be used in individual copper pieces.

Linda’s art is to be worn; therefore, she is concerned not only with appearance, but also with touch and form. She wants to adorn the body, feed the soul and create pieces that have an organic energy. Perhaps the most important thing is that Linda loves doing what she is doing.
250 388 3807
1345 Manor Road
Victoria, BC
V8S 2A3
Mixed Metal Mimi
I recycle vintage silver plates, platters and serving trays to create one of a kind jewelry and accessories.
I welcome custom work. Please have a look at my web site at

Mimi Roy has been recycling since she was a little girl. A pair of pants turned into a nap sac, a jacket into a piece of clothing was safe from her sewing machine. It was only natural that she turned her love of silversmithing into her own creative way of recycling vintage and found metals. The copper pot that sat on her work bench was transformed into a funky pair of earrings. An idea and a passion was born.
That was 4 years ago and now Mimi makes creating jewelry and accessories from vintage family heirlooms into a full time career.
Mimi's jewelry designs are handcrafted from time worn forgotten treasures such as serving trays, platters, and plates to name a few. Each piece that she comes across intrigues her because of the many secrets, history and mystery that are locked in their blemished, tarnished and sometimes dented exteriors. Some of these elegant pieces date back to the early 1900's when times were quieter, simpler before today's quick pace lifestyles and modern conveniences such as televisions, computers and cell phones.
Perhaps by wearing a piece of history one will be reminded to slow down and take a breath...even if only for a moment.

3096 Coleman rd
Mystic Glass Creations

Kim Reid and Tyler Hayes are native Canadians who reside on Vancouver Island and hand craft beautiful, nature inspired, one of a kind glass jewelery and unique art. In the past 10 years their company, Mystic Glass Creations, have built a reputation of producing high quality glass art through selling work at many recognized and reputable art shows, festivals and local markets throughout Vancouver Island and the rest of Canada. This partnership has grown into wholesaling their glass pendant line from coast to coast and they are always interested in connecting with new clientele who are interested is selling their wearable art. Kim and Tyler continue to grow as artists by introducing new products, not being intimidated to try new techniques, constantly seeking knowledge, experimenting in their studios and just going for what is their heart. Visit them at They would love to hear from you.
Patricia Hughes Silversmith & Design
Working primarily in Silver and Gold, Patricia has become a seasoned West Coast Silversmith who is famous for her reticulation techniques and creative setting of precious stones. Patricia’s work has a particular balance, positive energy and a symmetry that is distinctly hers. Her unique handcrafted designs employ both traditional and abstract motifs. The use of semi-precious stones satisfies her passion for colour.

Patricia worked as an operating room nurse in Hamilton, Ontario for 13 years and then retired to raise a family. She moved to Victoria in 1992 and worked as a Faux Finisher and Colour Consultant. She has been involved in a variety of mediums in the Arts most of her adult life, studying with a host of well-known artists such as Mario Polidori, Dennis Lucas, Kenneth Gent and Augustine Corvino.

Since 2001 Patricia has concentrated her artistic talents in her work as a Silversmith. She has been studying, working, and exhibiting from her Victoria studio, Art Markets, and festivals throughout the year around Vancouver Island. Her wearable art has been collected worldwide. She has been consistently winning Jurors Choice awards at the S.P.A.C. Show since 2012.

Patricia is involved in a number of artistic groups and is on the Board of the James Bay Market, past Board member of Island Artisans Association, as well as Coordinator of the IAA Summer Gallery at Dales Gallery in 2011, 2012. Upcoming Shows:

• James Bay Market – every Saturday from May 6 – Sept 30 2017

Contact Patricia for studio hours – - 250 598 1324

250 598 1324
935 Convent Place
Victoria, BC
V8V 2Y9
Pauline Olesen
Pauline works with glass, creating sculptures, functional and non functional ware for home and garden all of which are fired in a kiln.

Pauline describes her work in glass as nothing short of a passion. She has worked with many mediums but nothing has held the same fascination and joy as a creation in glass. All her work is done in the kiln, first fusing or casting the glass. Depending on the piece it may require sand carving, kiln carving or kiln forming to modify the shape, any number of firings for the final form. Glass is the only medium that can delight the eye when taking in the art piece, but gives the added surprise of colourful shadows that spill across surfaces as light changes.

Recently she has begun to work with old window glass to create up-cycled pieces for the home and garden. Creating something lovely that would be destined for the landfill is a small but rewarding step to keeping our islands beautiful.
123 McKenzie Cres.
Piers Island (Sidney) BC V8L 5Y7
Pleasant Street Studio
One of a kind recycled metal art for home and garden, special orders welcome.

As a husband and wife teem our studio is all about transforming and recycling metal and giving it new life as a lasting piece for your home and garden. We are not out to save the world but if we can do our part in creating art from what would otherwise end up in a landfill or back to the smelter, well that's half of it and the other is that our customers end up with a piece that will last a lifetime but hopefully bring a smile to your face. You will see a variety at Pleasant Street Studio metal art, yard art, gallery metal art. Pleasant street Studio recycled metal art, one of a kind for home and gardenNone Provided
Sidney B.C.
Polarity Designs
Working with polymer clay, I use a neutral palette to focus on variation in repetition, shape and pattern in my jewellery. I am inspired by natural tones and elements found on the West Coast.

Alexandra Reid is a mixed-media artist who lives in beautiful Cordova Bay, Victoria. She first started working with polymer clay to help her children with their school projects. Loving the ease of the sculptural qualities of the polymer clay, she self-educated herself in this medium through online workshops, tutorials and large book orders from Amazon.

Using neutral palette, Alexandra uses the technique of mokume gane, a Japanese word meaning ‘wood grain.’ Creating a sandwich of contrasting polymer clay layers, alternated with silver leaf, patterns are created in the polymer clay by impressing textured stamps, metal cutters, blades and cylinders. Thin slices are then cut from the stacked sandwich, forming beautiful patterned veneers to create handmade jewellery.

Moving from casual to elegant, Polarity Designs jewellery focuses on the yin and yang of neutral contrasts. From subtle greys to stark blacks and whites, organic to geometric shapes, this jewellery is meant to complement your favourite T-shirt or your best little black dress. Jewellery to satisfy both sides of your brain – and your wardrobe!
Pottery by Peggy
Peggy is a full time potter who likes to play with different techniques in clay. Whether she is making functional pottery for everyday use or exhibition art pieces she loves to play with form and texture to create a wonderful tactile experience for the user.

Peggy's functional pottery is made from a durable stoneware clay and is hand thrown on the potter's wheel. All glazes are microwave, dishwasher and oven friendly. She specializes in creating a 'chattered' texture on the outside of her pieces but also likes to add 3 dimensional slip designs or brushwork to her pieces.

Peggy's crystalline glazed pieces range from wheel thrown to dramatic slab structures. For this technique, she uses high fired porcelain clay which reflects the holographic crystalline blossoms beautifully. This "frost from fire" effect is created through a marriage of an in depth knowledge of glaze chemistry and the magic of a complex firing process.
10849 Olsen Road
Ladysmith BC
V9G 1Z8
SKM Art Studio
Pottery and fabric arts
As a winner of the Saul Bell Design Award 2016, I am constantly looking for opportunities to exchange jewelry making skills and exploring other mediums.

My primary medium of expression is metal clay (Silver, Bronze & Copper) sculpture that also employs a variation of traditional jewelry making techniques. By referencing romanticism, archetypal symbolism and emotional consciousness, I create works through a labor-intensive processes which can be seen explicitly as my personal alchemical ritual.
973 Hecate St, Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9R 4K7
Southern Winds
Cow Horn Jewellery and Accessories

For over 10 years my favorite medium used in the creation of my pieces has been cow horn.
I had the opportunity to learn from a remarkable artisan who revealed the secrets of working with this exceptional organic material. Horn is lightweight, feels warm to the touch, it is harder than wood, and thermoplastic which allows it to change shape when heat is applied.
Horn has been referred to as the plastic of the Middle Ages.

As years went by I started working with other materials (leather, stones and different metals) usually combining them with horn. As a result my work has evolved, it has expanded beyond the use of horn and also applying other techniques such as stone inlaid and metal etching.
I took silversmith classes in Argentina and later attended jewellery courses in ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design).

After lots of traveling and living in different places, like Germany and Ireland, I finally settled down in Canada where I was able to transform this passion into a full-time profession.
Born and raised in Argentina, I currently live in Victoria, BC.
693 Rockridge Pl
Victoria, BC
V9B 6K1
Susan Jean Whyte
Susan takes impressions from the bark of Vancouver Island's trees. She then makes a mold and uses these molds to create the textures that she designs her jewelry around.
250 246 4034
PO Box 760
Crofton, BC V0R 1R0
Wanda Shum Design
Wanda Shum is a B.C. grown artist who was formally trained in Electronic Communication Design at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design,

Wanda Shum is a B.C. grown artist who was formally trained in Electronic Communication Design at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, She has been an independent artist for over 18 years with a variety of works to her name. All her work has embodied an attention to detail in form and function. Wanda's works are recognized for their bright and whimsical qualities.

Currently, she's working with polymer clays in a technique called 'millefiori'. 'Millefiori' or 'A Thousand Flowers' is a traditional Venetian glass art that involve the formation of a cane-like sculpture with fused glass rods that has a pattern throughout. The modern version of this is created by laying different coloured polymer clays together. Then the cane is sliced to reveal the design within. Wanda describes 'millefiori' as a combination of painting and sculpting.

This technique has allowed her to create unique limited edition designs of jewellery (She has created a few exclusive designs for the Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature). More recently, She has created a line of home decor which features items such as wine stoppers, glassware, and teapots covered with millefiori slices. Her latest body of work, especially her teapots have moved beyond the framework of form and function into the distinct realm of collectible art pieces.
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WhispereDreams Jewellery
Jessica creates unique and elegant designs using a variety of techniques incorporating beading and wirework.

Jessica Stein is pretty new to the business of being an artisan, but has enjoyed creative endeavors for as long as she can remember, and has been collecting and hoarding beads for almost as long. She grew up in the Okanagan Valley and came to Victoria to study at UVic. She fell in love with the island and has stayed in Victoria after finishing her degree.

The jewellery she creates is often dainty and elegant, but sometimes extravagant whimsy sweeps in. She loves working with tiny seed beads and mixing colours and textures. Found materials like beach glass also delight her. She is also a great lover of literature and is working on ways to incorporate poetry into her jewellery designs.

Jessica loves to collaborate with other creative people and is delighted to take commissions. Please check out her blog or send her an email.