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Acres Away Woodworks
First Name: Neil
Last Name: Bosdet
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My “Funktional” Art was born from the desire to build a better Pizza Peel. My wife and I are self proclaimed gourmet cooks and love Italy. We have a fondness for, among many other things, really good thin crust pizza. We love making it from scratch and having pizza parties. Many years ago when I shopped for a decent pizza paddle I was stumped. Nothing of interest on the market. So I made my own. Then friends and famliy wanted them. Then, try and find a high quality, End Grain Cutting Board. Tough to do.

I make a variety of End Grain & Edge Grain Cutting Boards, Pizza Paddles or Baking Peels, Serving Boards, French, Italian & American Rolling Pins, Knife Blocks and more. My gallery is open for tours and by appointment.

"Funktional" Art for the Kitchen. Heirloom Gifts & Kitchen Treasures.
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Phone Number: 250-580-6780
Address: 6583 Wallace Dr.
Brentwood Bay, BC
V8M 1J8
Avadon Studio
First Name: Tobias
Last Name: Tomlinson
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Tobias has been a working artisan for over 40 years. Some of his ceramics instructors include Harlen House, Hal Regar, Jack Surs, Marylin Levine, Roy Kiyooka, Santo Mignosa and Léopold Foulem.

Tobias also weaves, fuses dichroic glass, produces torch-work beads, and creates sterling jewelry. He has taken courses in “Hollowware” in London, UK, and Canadian metalsmith Crys Harse. Tobias has taken repoussé classes with Valentine Yotkov of New York, and Nancy Corwin of Calgary, as well as several local instructors in silver jewelry. His degree in Fine Arts was a major in Printmaking, and a minor in Ceramics.

Several years ago, Tobias discovered that his great-grandmother had Chickasaw Cherokee roots, and he has been exploring his First Nations heritage through his art. Much of his work reflects; ceremonial, medicinal, herbal, and food plants Chickasaw Nation, including traditional and historic depictions from the medicine wheel to sacred motifs symbols like the World Weaver Spider, Weeping Man.

Tobias has always been interested in textiles, the use of natural fibres and plants used for dyes. He has raised sheep, sheared wool, spun, and created woven material from “scratch to finish”. Today, the main fibres used are rayon, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, and rayon chenille. With these, rugs, shawls, and scarves are lovingly made. Colour and texture, forms and function, this is the historical essence of humanity and craft history, as well as ingenuity combined with practicality. Like the myth of the girl, the womyn, and the crone, weaving the threads of Life.

Tobias Tomlinson is an artisan who works in a variety of media; fused glass, torch work beads, porcelain, woven textiles, sterling silver, copper forms, and printmaking.
Phone Number: 250-383-3893
Address: 3172 Balfour Ave
Victoria BC V9A 1S1
Bags and Boxes
First Name: Krys and Dean
Last Name: Kinowski and Mills
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Hardwoods include walnut, cherry, western and fiddleback maple, Garry oak, arbutus, sapele, and purple heart. Several species are often integrated into a herringbone pattern on the lid. Many of Dean’s boxes have adjustable or lift-out trays. They are lined with felt, signed on the base, and come with their own padded, protective bag.
Krys incorporates leather into many of her bags. Adjustable straps and well-designed pockets are important. The travel bag, for instance, has 12 pockets including one designed for a water bottle. This bag is made from water repellant microfiber which is also machine washable.

Krys and Dean both do custom work. Dean, for example, had made a box featuring a bagpiper inlay on the lid. Krys has often sewn a bag in the customer’s own family tartan. A selection of her tartan bags is on display at Freedom Kilts in Fernwood, Victoria, and also at the Caledonian distillery. These bags feature registered tartans and the design elements come from kilts and sporrans.

In 2017, you can find us at the following venues;
May 20-22: Victoria Highland Games, Topaz Park
June thru Sept: Occasional Saturday markets on Pender Island; Sunday market at Bastion Square, Victoria
July 1: Gorge on Art
Nov 24-26: Out of Hand, Victoria Conference Centre
Dec 1-3: Touch of Saltspring, Panorama Centre, Sidney.
We also sell our products from our two locations on Pender Island and in Victoria. We’re open to our customer’s wishes, whether wholesale orders or custom work. For boxes, contact Dean at For bags, contact Krys at

We each make our own line of artisan products. Krys designs and sews many different kinds of ladies’ bags and purses. Dean creates hardwood boxes using local and subtropical species of wood. Our creations are both functional and aesthetic. Krys makes bags for travelling, knitting, evening wear, and everyday use. Dean makes boxes to store jewellery, watches, and personal treasures.
Website Address: not yet
Phone Number: 250 629-6290 (landline) 250 537-3008 (cell)
Address: 37187 Schooner Way
Pender Island BC V0N 2M2
Clay Works
First Name: Dianne
Last Name: Young
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Dianne began her clay studies at Elmwood Studios in London, England. It was here that she developed her love of clay and a desire to learn as much as she could about its possibilities. In Canada, further studies at the University of Regina and Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver led naturally into teaching, a most wonderful way to learn.

Dianne produces stoneware pottery with carved glaze patterns from her studio in Victoria. There is a wide range in her repertoire, from oven dishes to sculptural urns. Bowls are the mainstay of her work and she finds them a joy to make from the teeniest to more than two feet across. The forms are strong; the glazes are satiny and made for handling. The pots are intended for daily enjoyment in the home.

Studio Visits By Appointment

Vancouver stores that carry her work - Gallery of BC Ceramics

Victoria stores that carry her work - AGGV gallery shop

Vancouver stores that carry her work - Gallery of B.C. Ceramics

Dianne produces stoneware pottery with carved glaze patterns from her studio in Victoria
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Phone Number: 250-721-0949
Creative Spirit Glass Bead Studio
First Name: Wendy
Last Name: Adams
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No info provided.

Deb’s Design Studio
First Name: Deb
Last Name: Thurlbeck
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As a child growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Deb Thurlbeck was continuously surrounded by art and music. With creativity and inspiration drawn from her family and her big brother and mentor Ken, a successful and award winning New York photographer/commercial artist, there was no shortage of innovative vision in the Thurlbeck household.

As a young woman, Deb attended the Winnipeg School of Art and spent many hours drawing and painting in oils and acrylics. Drawn by the call of the West, she moved to the rugged interior of Northern British Columbia. Deb now calls beautiful Vancouver Island home.

Over the years, Deb has enjoyed travelling and sharing her artistic visions though painting, photography, cake decoration and costuming. The combination of her talents focused through the medium of hardened fabric has resulted in a variety of spectacular creations.

Her works, created with non-toxic fabric hardener and repurposed natural fibres, can be broadly classified as home and office décor with a number of pieces well suited to accent outdoor gardens and landscaping. From wine collars to figurines and statuettes, Deb's creations range from elegant to playful - each detailed and unique. Many pieces are inspired by beauty of the West Coast and often include natural items such as driftwood and sea glass.

Deb Thurlbeck specializes in the artistic creation of hardened fabric sculptures which add a touch of elegance and charm to interior decor as well as gardens and landscaping.
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Phone Number: 778-678-7617
Address: Victoria, BC
Debra Slaco
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Erwin Shulman Digital Creations
First Name: Erwin
Last Name: Shulman
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