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Avadon Studio

Tobias has been a working artisan for over 40 years. Some of his ceramics instructors include Harlen House, Hal Regar, Jack Surs, Marylin Levine, Roy Kiyooka, Santo Mignosa and Léopold Foulem.

Tobias also weaves, fuses dichroic glass, produces torch-work beads, and creates sterling jewelry. He has taken courses in “Hollowware” in London, UK, and Canadian metalsmith Crys Harse. Tobias has taken repoussé classes with Valentine Yotkov of New York, and Nancy Corwin of Calgary, as well as several local instructors in silver jewelry. His degree in Fine Arts was a major in Printmaking, and a minor in Ceramics.

Several years ago, Tobias discovered that his great-grandmother had Chickasaw Cherokee roots, and he has been exploring his First Nations heritage through his art. Much of his work reflects; ceremonial, medicinal, herbal, and food plants Chickasaw Nation, including traditional and historic depictions from the medicine wheel to sacred motifs symbols like the World Weaver Spider, Weeping Man.

Tobias has always been interested in textiles, the use of natural fibres and plants used for dyes. He has raised sheep, sheared wool, spun, and created woven material from “scratch to finish”. Today, the main fibres used are rayon, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, and rayon chenille. With these, rugs, shawls, and scarves are lovingly made. Colour and texture, forms and function, this is the historical essence of humanity and craft history, as well as ingenuity combined with practicality. Like the myth of the girl, the womyn, and the crone, weaving the threads of Life.

Tobias Tomlinson is an artisan who works in a variety of media; fused glass, torch work beads, porcelain, woven textiles, sterling silver, copper forms, and printmaking.
3172 Balfour Ave
Victoria BC V9A 1S1
Creative Spirit Glass Bead Studio

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KilnArt Glass Studio

Born and raised in Golden BC, Peggy moved to Edmonton AB in 1984 to attend the University of Alberta in the Honours Sociology/Philosophy program. After graduating and working in the academic environment for a few years, her husband, Jo Ludwig and Peggy moved to Victoria BC, where they opened KilnArt Glass Studio in 1997. In 2008, they moved the studio to Crofton, B.C.

At her studio, Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery. Peggy takes great pride in the highly-refined and exacting workmanship of her jewellery as well as in the fact that all her findings are fashioned from nickel-free sterling silver.

Apart from making jewellery, Peggy oversees the daily operations of KilnArt Glass Studio as well as keeping her husband’s nose to the grindstone-no small feat, as all who know Jo can attest! Consequently, she has no time to offer workshops or classes.

Apart from her studio, her jewellery is available in:

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (250.384.4101)
Sidestreet Studio on Oak Bay Avenue (250.592.1262)
Whirled Arts in Fantan Alley (250.386.2787)
Chemainus: Rainforest Arts
Courtenay: Comox Valley Art Gallery Shop
Vancouver: Sterling Art Glass(604.681.6730)

Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery.
KilnArt Glass Studio
Box 9
Crofton BC V0R 1R0
KilnArt Glass Studio

Because I was raised in a big city far from nature, dichroic glass, with its punchy-rich
colour and ample glitter (due to a very thin metallic coating on the surface) is so attractive to me. So I use it to make vessels; small vessels that fit in the palm of the hand. They are like large, precious jewels. They are to cradle and gaze at and get lost in. Each is a Thing of Beauty indeed. Or as I say for short, a ToB (rhymes with ‘Bob’).
‘Getting lost’ brought wonder and mystery, which lead me to make dichroic glass and metal UFOs, a subject the artificiality of dichroic glass lends itself well to.
More recently I have gotten lost in depths of simple, clear glass, and I am presently working on very thick walled ToBs.

Kiln-formed art glass vessels, utilizing mostly dichroic glass.
Box 9
Crofton, B.C.
V0R 1R0
Mystic Glass Creations

Kim Reid and Tyler Hayes are native Canadians who reside on Vancouver Island and hand craft beautiful, nature inspired, one of a kind glass jewelery and unique art. In the past 10 years their company, Mystic Glass Creations, have built a reputation of producing high quality glass art through selling work at many recognized and reputable art shows, festivals and local markets throughout Vancouver Island and the rest of Canada. This partnership has grown into wholesaling their glass pendant line from coast to coast and they are always interested in connecting with new clientele who are interested is selling their wearable art. Kim and Tyler continue to grow as artists by introducing new products, not being intimidated to try new techniques, constantly seeking knowledge, experimenting in their studios and just going for what is their heart. Visit them at They would love to hear from you.