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Avadon Studio

Tobias has been a working artisan for over 40 years. Some of his ceramics instructors include Harlen House, Hal Regar, Jack Surs, Marylin Levine, Roy Kiyooka, Santo Mignosa and Léopold Foulem.

Tobias also weaves, fuses dichroic glass, produces torch-work beads, and creates sterling jewelry. He has taken courses in “Hollowware” in London, UK, and Canadian metalsmith Crys Harse. Tobias has taken repoussé classes with Valentine Yotkov of New York, and Nancy Corwin of Calgary, as well as several local instructors in silver jewelry. His degree in Fine Arts was a major in Printmaking, and a minor in Ceramics.

Several years ago, Tobias discovered that his great-grandmother had Chickasaw Cherokee roots, and he has been exploring his First Nations heritage through his art. Much of his work reflects; ceremonial, medicinal, herbal, and food plants Chickasaw Nation, including traditional and historic depictions from the medicine wheel to sacred motifs symbols like the World Weaver Spider, Weeping Man.

Tobias has always been interested in textiles, the use of natural fibres and plants used for dyes. He has raised sheep, sheared wool, spun, and created woven material from “scratch to finish”. Today, the main fibres used are rayon, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, and rayon chenille. With these, rugs, shawls, and scarves are lovingly made. Colour and texture, forms and function, this is the historical essence of humanity and craft history, as well as ingenuity combined with practicality. Like the myth of the girl, the womyn, and the crone, weaving the threads of Life.

Tobias Tomlinson is an artisan who works in a variety of media; fused glass, torch work beads, porcelain, woven textiles, sterling silver, copper forms, and printmaking.
3172 Balfour Ave
Victoria BC V9A 1S1
Creative Spirit Glass Bead Studio

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EERZ Jewelry

A love of color and a passion for working with polymer clay as an art medium resulted in designing a line of jewelry that appeals to fun-loving women of all ages. Colors are blended to reflect the tropics, the earth tones and classic neutrals. The lightweight jewelry is often tone-on-tone for added interest and depth. Black-and-white geometrics are sometimes added for spark. These eye-catching pieces are as much fun to wear as they were to make.

Also available are shawl pins, business card holders, pens, seam rippers and hair adornments decoratively covered in polymer clay.

Fun, colorful fashion jewelry and other mixed media items hand-made from polymer clay.
953 Kentwood Terrace
Victoria, BC V8Y 1A5
KilnArt Glass Studio

Born and raised in Golden BC, Peggy moved to Edmonton AB in 1984 to attend the University of Alberta in the Honours Sociology/Philosophy program. After graduating and working in the academic environment for a few years, her husband, Jo Ludwig and Peggy moved to Victoria BC, where they opened KilnArt Glass Studio in 1997. In 2008, they moved the studio to Crofton, B.C.

At her studio, Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery. Peggy takes great pride in the highly-refined and exacting workmanship of her jewellery as well as in the fact that all her findings are fashioned from nickel-free sterling silver.

Apart from making jewellery, Peggy oversees the daily operations of KilnArt Glass Studio as well as keeping her husband’s nose to the grindstone-no small feat, as all who know Jo can attest! Consequently, she has no time to offer workshops or classes.

Apart from her studio, her jewellery is available in:

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (250.384.4101)
Sidestreet Studio on Oak Bay Avenue (250.592.1262)
Whirled Arts in Fantan Alley (250.386.2787)
Chemainus: Rainforest Arts
Courtenay: Comox Valley Art Gallery Shop
Vancouver: Sterling Art Glass(604.681.6730)

Peggy mostly makes fine craft jewellery; however, she sometimes makes stained and fused glass panels and often lamp-worked glass beads as adjuncts for her jewellery.
KilnArt Glass Studio
Box 9
Crofton BC V0R 1R0
Lexi Reid Studio

Alexandra Reid is a Victoria, BC mixed-media artist who paints, collages and makes jewellery. Alexandra is an active member of the Coast Collective Art Centre, the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula, the Saanich Peninsula Arts & Crafts Society (SPAC), and the Island Artisans Association.

Alexandra Reid’s encaustic mosaics have recently been awarded ‘Best in Mixed Media’ at the 2017 LOOK show in Victoria and received Jurors’ Choice awards at the SPAC Spring show in Sydney. Her artworks and jewellery are for sale on her online Etsy store at Lexi Reid Studio and in-store at the Coast Collective Art Centre.

Working with polymer clay, I choose neutral colours inspired by natural tones and elements found from sea to shore. Contrasting colors of polymer clay are layered, alternating with silver leaf. Organic patterns are created by pressing stamps, metal cutters, blades and cylinders into the layered polymer clay. Thin slices are then cut from the stacked layers, forming uniquely patterned veneers. These veneers are used to create simple and elegant jewellery with a West Coast flair.
Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs

Linda was born in Vancouver and has always lived in BC, usually close to the ocean from which she draws inspiration. She studied Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia while completing her degree in honours Mathematics, which she then taught for over thirty years. Linda has always created art through drawing, painting, fabrics, writing, theatre and dance. Since 2004, Linda has concentrated on making wearable art invariably influenced by the symmetry of nature and life on the West Coast. Her background in mathematics has influenced her designs and creations. Logarithmic spirals found in nature, such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers, inspire her and are a constant theme in her work. She creates all of her pieces by hand so they are individual and unique.

Linda uses “fine silver” (99.9% silver kiln-dried) to create her sculptural pieces and fuses fine silver wire for necklaces and earrings. She anneals, forges and textures sterling silver and copper to create different pieces. Linda also weaves sterling silver by hand using either the ancient art of “Viking knit” or chain maille designs such as Parallel Weave, Byzantine or Round maille, sometimes combining copper, gemstones, or unique silver beads within her work. Linda’s hand drawn etched copper plates are used in a variety of ways to make impressions in the silver “clay” (which is actually microscopic particles of fine silver in an organic binding) or to be used in individual copper pieces.

Linda’s art is to be worn; therefore, she is concerned not only with appearance, but also with touch and form. She wants to adorn the body, feed the soul and create pieces that have an organic energy. Perhaps the most important thing is that Linda loves doing what she is doing.

Linda creates unique silver and copper wearable art pieces with distinct designs influenced by her mathematical background. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers inspire her. Circles and spirals are a constant theme in her work.
250 388 3807
1345 Manor Road
Victoria, BC
V8S 2A3
Patricia Hughes Silversmith & Design

Patricia worked as an operating room nurse in Hamilton, Ontario for 13 years and then retired to raise a family. She moved to Victoria in 1992 and worked as a Faux Finisher and Colour Consultant. She has been involved in a variety of mediums in the Arts most of her adult life, studying with a host of well-known artists such as Mario Polidori, Dennis Lucas, Kenneth Gent and Augustine Corvino.

Since 2001 Patricia has concentrated her artistic talents in her work as a Silversmith. She has been studying, working, and exhibiting from her Victoria studio, Art Markets, and festivals throughout the year around Vancouver Island. Her wearable art has been collected worldwide. She has been consistently winning Jurors Choice awards at the S.P.A.C. Show since 2012.

Patricia is involved in a number of artistic groups and is on the Board of the James Bay Market, past Board member of Island Artisans Association, as well as Coordinator of the IAA Summer Gallery at Dales Gallery in 2011, 2012. Upcoming Shows:

• James Bay Market – every Saturday from May 6 – Sept 30 2017

Contact Patricia for studio hours – – 250 598 1324

Working primarily in Silver and Gold, Patricia has become a seasoned West Coast Silversmith who is famous for her reticulation techniques and creative setting of precious stones. Patricia’s work has a particular balance, positive energy and a symmetry that is distinctly hers. Her unique handcrafted designs employ both traditional and abstract motifs. The use of semi-precious stones satisfies her passion for colour.
250 598 1324
935 Convent Place
Victoria, BC
V8V 2Y9