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Linda Rajotte Silver Ocean Designs

Linda was born in Vancouver and has always lived in BC, usually close to the ocean from which she draws inspiration. She studied Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia while completing her degree in honours Mathematics, which she then taught for over thirty years. Linda has always created art through drawing, painting, fabrics, writing, theatre and dance. Since 2004, Linda has concentrated on making wearable art invariably influenced by the symmetry of nature and life on the West Coast. Her background in mathematics has influenced her designs and creations. Logarithmic spirals found in nature, such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers, inspire her and are a constant theme in her work. She creates all of her pieces by hand so they are individual and unique.

Linda uses “fine silver” (99.9% silver kiln-dried) to create her sculptural pieces and fuses fine silver wire for necklaces and earrings. She anneals, forges and textures sterling silver and copper to create different pieces. Linda also weaves sterling silver by hand using either the ancient art of “Viking knit” or chain maille designs such as Parallel Weave, Byzantine or Round maille, sometimes combining copper, gemstones, or unique silver beads within her work. Linda’s hand drawn etched copper plates are used in a variety of ways to make impressions in the silver “clay” (which is actually microscopic particles of fine silver in an organic binding) or to be used in individual copper pieces.

Linda’s art is to be worn; therefore, she is concerned not only with appearance, but also with touch and form. She wants to adorn the body, feed the soul and create pieces that have an organic energy. Perhaps the most important thing is that Linda loves doing what she is doing.

Linda creates unique silver and copper wearable art pieces with distinct designs influenced by her mathematical background. Logarithmic spirals found in nature such as ammonite fossils, shells, and sunflowers inspire her. Circles and spirals are a constant theme in her work.
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Mixed Metal Mimi

Mimi Roy has been recycling since she was a little girl. A pair of pants turned into a nap sac, a jacket into a vest…no piece of clothing was safe from her sewing machine. It was only natural that she turned her love of silversmithing into her own creative way of recycling vintage and found metals. The copper pot that sat on her work bench was transformed into a funky pair of earrings. An idea and a passion was born.
That was 4 years ago and now Mimi makes creating jewelry and accessories from vintage family heirlooms into a full time career.
Mimi’s jewelry designs are handcrafted from time worn forgotten treasures such as serving trays, platters, and plates to name a few. Each piece that she comes across intrigues her because of the many secrets, history and mystery that are locked in their blemished, tarnished and sometimes dented exteriors. Some of these elegant pieces date back to the early 1900’s when times were quieter, simpler before today’s quick pace lifestyles and modern conveniences such as televisions, computers and cell phones.
Perhaps by wearing a piece of history one will be reminded to slow down and take a breath…even if only for a moment.

I recycle vintage silver plates, platters and serving trays to create one of a kind jewelry and accessories.
I welcome custom work. Please have a look at my web site at
3096 Coleman rd
Pleasant Street Studio

As a husband and wife teem our studio is all about transforming and recycling metal and giving it new life as a lasting piece for your home and garden. We are not out to save the world but if we can do our part in creating art from what would otherwise end up in a landfill or back to the smelter, well that’s half of it and the other is that our customers end up with a piece that will last a lifetime but hopefully bring a smile to your face. You will see a variety at Pleasant Street Studio metal art, yard art, gallery metal art. Pleasant street Studio recycled metal art, one of a kind for home and gardenNone Provided

One of a kind recycled metal art for home and garden, special orders welcome.
Sidney B.C.