The Gallery Shoppe at Gifts for Myself and Others Hello everyone! If you are interested in the opportunity to be a part of the Gallery Shoppe or know of someone who may be interested in participating, please confirm with Jantina, our coordinator at 250-743-1213 or email read more


it is that time of year again, Call for entry for the Sooke Fine Arts Show has been announced, time to get those special pieces completed, not started yet, well lets get on it. The Sooke Fine Arts Show provides the opportunity for the finest artists from Vancouver Islan read more


Okay, so perhaps not this year but why not? Anyway once again I am not prepared to enter, however, oh! wait, maybe I could submit something! hmmm, I will think on it, but not too long, don’t let indecision be the decision.

The niche awards are the biggest we can get in our profession as fine craft artisans, even if you are not going to enter this year, go have a look often at the web site and get inspired to enter for next year and what do you say we let the world know we are here.

If nothing else, the work on this site will inspire you. They have categories for everything.



The Integrate Art Society (IAS) is currently considering submissions from artists working in all media for its annual festival taking place in Victoria, BC on August 15th and 16th, 2014.

WHAT: IAS is currently accepting proposals from artists of all media for its annual festival August 15th and 16th, 2014.

WHO: IAS is looking for all artists including, but not limited to: 2D, sculpture, installation, performance, video, improv groups, mural artists, chalk masters, yarn bombs, pop-up galleries, slam poets, bands and other unique performances.

WHEN: August 15-16, 2014

WHERE: Victoria, BC. The HQ, various local galleries, collectives, businesses and the streets, the sidewalks and everywhere in between.

WHY: IAS is dedicated to enhancing the provincial and national awareness of Victoria’s thriving arts    community. Through the Integrate Arts Festival, IAS will develop a unified creative collective comprised of local artists, museums, artist-run centres and public and commercial art galleries and bringing together theatre companies, dance troupes, musical ensembles, and visual artists, while highlighting aspects of the community of which participants were previously unaware. This year’s festival will include an opening reception, a mass art crawl, independent artist exhibitions, indoor and outdoor performances, and daytime arts activities spanning two days.


Preference will be given to artists without major gallery representation and unique work. IAS is not able to provide compensation for time, travel, or other expenses; however, artists are able to sell work on site upon agreement with venue owner. With assistance from IAS, artists are responsible for the set-up and takedown of their work.


To apply please fill out and send the application form below and portfolio of work conforming with our mandatory criteria to


*Deadline for submissions: April 19th, 2014*

Announcement of acceptance: May 31st, 2014

(Only chosen submissions will be notified)


Island Artisans call for entry – Gifts for Myself and Others 2014


presented by Island Artisans Association

2014 DATES; NOVEMBER 21, 22, 23

The Island Artisans Association (IAA) is pleased to invite you to apply for booth space in the upcoming 26th Annual Juried Artisan Show “Gifts for Myself and Others” to be held at the Leonardo da Vinci Centre, November 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2014. This event is organized by and for professional crafts people in order to present to the public a consistently high quality show in a congenial location. The venue includes free parking and is wheelchair accessible.

NEW for 2014

* $20 OFF for first time participants
* If 2014 is the first time you will be participating in Gifts for Myself and Others, you will be given $20 off of your booth fee. This rebate will be applied to your remaining amount owing once you have been accepted.

* NEW “Gifts Gallery” for IAA Members
– We would like to offer an opportunity to members of the Island Artisans Association to be part of Gifts 2014. If you are not interested in having your own booth at the show but would like to display and potentially sell a few of your items. This is a great entry into shows if you have never been in one and a great opportunity to get your work seen. All participating artists will have their works sold by a hired person in the Gifts Gallery. These sales will be commission based. This gallery will be by consignment (30%). If you`re interested, please contact our show coordinator, Jantina Froese at or 250-743-1213.

Work to be offered for sale must be three-dimensional craft, original in design, or be a personal interpretation of a traditional style, and made by the applicant. Any commercial components must be very much secondary to the overall design. Work made using commercial molds, kits, hobby crafts, soaps, lotions or food items are unacceptable and will not be considered. Overall balance of craft categories will be taken into consideration and limits may be set in some categories.

Applications are welcome from artisans living on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands. Exhibitors must be a member of the Island Artisans Association. Membership Renewal and New Membership Application forms are available online,

There is the opportunity for two artists to share a space, however, if you wish to share with another artist you must both submit application forms at the same time; send your

application forms together either digitally or by mail.

Booth fees vary by booth size: The application form with booth dimensions and fees is included with this package. All booth assignments will be made by the Organizing Committee. Deadline for application is May 30, 2014.

The Leonardo da Vinci Centre is a successful venue for exciting and well-advertised shows of high quality craft. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the show coordinator, Jantina Froese either by email at or phone at (250) 743-1213.

Please visit the Island Artisans Association website for more information.

Island Artisans Association, Gifts 2014, P.O. Box 5322, Victoria, BC, V8R 1H0.  

make all cheques out to ISLAND ARTISANS ASSOCIATION, marked Gifts2014

gifts 2014 printable application 

Your Name (required)

Studio Name

Phone Number

Cell Number

Mailing Address:

Postal Code:

Your Email:
Website address :

Will you be sharing a booth?

If yes, with whom:

NOTE: Artists wishing to be booth partners must complete separate application forms and submit both forms together either digitally or in one envelope. The deposit fee is per booth (please include two separate cheques). You may be required to supply photos of your booth display as well as a description of how you will combine your work within the display if we are able to
accommodate this option.

Jury Information

1. Show Materials

a. Give a brief statement describing your work/technique (25-‐30 words):
NOTE: This is how you will be identified on the event brochure which will be made available to visitors (and which
we hope they will keep for future orders). Statements exceeding 30 words will be edited.

b. Would you be willing to donate a door prize; YesNo

c. Would a centralized POS system be of benefit to you; YesNo

2. Information about your work.

List the types of articles you make and the price range. Each participant's items will be juried separately.
Note: any products not indicated on the application may be subject to removal at the show.

Photo #:

Photo #:

Photo #:

Photo #:

Photo #:

Photo #:

Photo #:

3. Images
Enclose 5 to 7 good quality photographs showing your work on a plain background (include only one item in each image unless the items are a set). If you work in more than one medium there must be at least 3 (three) images in each medium.
Acceptable file types (extensions) are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, avi, ogg, m4a, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav, and wmv. Maximum Acceptable file size is 2 MB (1048576 bytes).

You may also supply images or additional images for other mediums you work in via email to Please include your name in the body of the e-mail message and match the numbers & descriptions of your photographs to the list above. You will be contacted by email by the coordinator if we require higher resolution images for advertising purposes.


c. IAA requires images for advertising; please indicate below if you are willing to have your images used for
this purpose.? YesNo

Display Information

1. Display:
please give your first, second and third choice for booth space

choice one
6x6 table $2808x6 booth $300,8x6 corner booth $3259x6 booth $37510x6 booth $35010x6 corner booth $3758x8 booth $3258x8 corner booth $3759x8 booth $3759x8 corner booth $39010x8 booth $40010x8 corner booth $42510x10 booth $400

choice two
6x6 table $2808x6 booth $300,8x6 corner booth $3259x6 booth $37510x6 booth $35010x6 corner booth $3758x8 booth $3008x8 corner booth $3759x8 booth $3758x8 corner booth $39010x8 booth $40010x8 corner booth $42510x10 booth $400

choice three
6x6 table $2808x6 booth $300,8x6 corner booth $3259x6 booth $37510x6 booth $35010x6 corner booth $3758x8 booth $3008x8 corner booth $3759x8 booth $3758x8 corner booth $39010x8 booth $40010x8 corner booth $42510x10 booth $400

2. Booth Deposits:
A deposit of $65.00 must accompany this application; payment can be made through Paypal or a cheque made out to the Island Artisan Association and submitted by mail with your application.


Applications are welcome from artisans living on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Island. Exhibitors must be a member of the Island Artisans Association. Island Artisans Association membership fees for the balance of 2013 are $40.00. Membership applications are available online and must be received prior to acceptance in the show.

Next Jury Date: T.B.A.
Once accepted, show deposits are non-refundable. Those whose work is not accepted at this time will have their cheques returned along with paper photos if applicable.