Gifts for Myself and Others

BC’s premier artisan show put on by some of the top fine craft artists on Vancouver Island and the surrounding gulf islands. Come for the joy, come for the quality come for the unique canadian made artisan crafted gifts perfect for yourself or your friends. Nothin read more


The Gallery Shoppe at Gifts for Myself and Others Hello everyone! If you are interested in the opportunity to be a part of the Gallery Shoppe or know of someone who may be interested in participating, please confirm with Jantina, our coordinator at 250-743-1213 or email read more

August 2016, events at a glance

August 2016 IAA Events at a glance The following are the scheduled events for IAA Members. We hope this new format will make our group more interactive and informative! Sunday, June 19th Car Free YYJ Five IAA members will participate. The banner will be displayed and bo read more

Gifts Show – jewelry category opens up more space

Gifts for Myself and Others, Victoria’s premier Fine craft artisan craft show, apply by august 15th!

The Island Artisans Association, Gifts for Myself and Others,  continues it’s efforts to grow and improve the quality of its services to it’s membership.

Gifts for Myself and Others is delighted to announce the executive board’s decision to increase the number of juried and accepted jewellery vendors from 6 to 8 for 2016. This is exciting news as it means we still have space available and welcome new applicants in the jewelry category.

Get ready …. there is MORE NEWS!

Get your application filled out and submitted by AUGUST 15th and if you are an accepted vendor, you will receive paid bonus time on Facebook as a early dead line incentive.

We are looking forward to another great show this year!
Hope to see your application soon.

SPOTLIGHT ON “Gera Scott Chandler’

Gera Scott Chandler’s Salmon and Sweetgrass vase was the winner of the Excellence in Crafts award at the 2016 The Look show. When I was a child I used to run down to the beach, gather cedar bark and kelp, tease the materials into long strips and spend happy hours read more

open house, calling all craft artisans

“Calling all Artisans and Guilds”



For a special “MEET AND MINGLE”

We would love to meet with you and explore networking and creative possibilities,

Island Artisans will have works on display and we would enjoy seeing yours as well.

Where:  seniors wing, Cedar Hill Rec Centre, 3220 cedar hill road, victoria bc

When: September 15th, 7 pm

please rsvp with number of attendees, we will be serving up goodies and refreshments, you know, kind of like a “party”


please note iaa meetings are in a scent free zone

Gifts for Myself & Others 2015 Application is Here!

Gifts for Myself & Others 2015 Application Available!

Hello Everyone!

We have been very busy this year getting a new online application ready for Gifts for Myself & Others 2015 and trying to make it as seamless as possible for all of you.

Booth Costs: (reminder: You will have to make 3 choices since it’s not a guarantee that you may get your first choice)

6’ x 6’ corner: $290

8′ x 6′: $300
8′ x 6′ corner: $325

9′ x 6′: $375

10′ x 6′: $350
10′ x 6′ corner: $375

8′ x 8′: $325
8′ x 8′ corner: $375

9′ x 8′: $375
9′ x 8′ corner: $390

10′ x 8′: $400
10′ x 8′ corner: $425

10′ x 10′: $400

Please click on the “Gifts 2015 Application” button below and you’ll be directed to our online application page. It will ask you for your email address and then send you an email with your designated application link. You can go in and out of this as much as you like until you click on ‘submit’. If you have any questions or issues with the application, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

A special note to those in the Jewelry Category since it’s usually the first to be filled. Please ensure you apply sooner rather than later as space will be limited.

If you are a vendor who do a variety of work including jewelry, please advise us on what percentage of jewelry you would like to have in your booth (ie. your category is glass with 20/% of it in jewelry). There is a spot on the very first page for you to write notes.

A reminder, the category of soaps and candles are still being accepted this year.

On a personal note, a huge thank you to those of you who took part in Gifts for Myself and Other 2014! It was great to work with you to create such wonderful events and I hope you will consider reapplying for this year! I appreciated all the feedback (the good and bad) as feedback helps me continue to improve upon these events. I am looking forward to hearing from you and creating a successful Gifts for Myself & Others 2015.

Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions.

Warm regards,
Jantina, Gifts Show Coordinator

JLee Creations | | 250-743-1213